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Business Opportunities - Sanwezza Lab

Sanwezza Lab - developer and manufacturer of advanced pharmaceutical products - develop mutually beneficial cooperation with pharmaceutical companies all over the world. The priority markets for the product’s introduction are the markets of the European Union, Southeast Asia and the CIS.

Sanwezza Lab is committed to opportunities and partnerships that drive growth and value. As we expand our global pharmaceuticals business, Sanwezza is committed to identifying opportunities that fit our capabilities, enhance our corporate goals and strengthen our competitive position.

For further business development we are interested in developing cooperation with scientific and industrial pharmaceutical companies from different countries in all major areas of the pharmaceutical business:

  • research and development of new promising substances and molecules;
  • creation of new effective drug products to assist in the actual pathology;
  • study their characteristics and therapeutic properties;
  • preparation of materials dossiers;
  • co-operation for the production of promising new products;
  • development of marketing strategies for successful launch of new products to meet the specific national markets;
  • supplies its own products to the markets of different countries.

If you have an opportunity that you believe would be of interest to Sanwezza Lab, or interested in a reliable partner for its further development and access to markets around the world, please contact us. We are open to the relevant proposals for cooperation and will respond to your request as soon as possible.

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