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Supraflex is recommended for protection and restoration of the articular cartilage in acute and chronic diseases of the joints: primary and secondary osteoarthritis, arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, shoulder periarthritis, osteochondrosis, bone fractures and also for the prevention of these diseases at significant loads on the bones, joints and muscles.

Kartilium is effective in acute and chronic diseases of the joints


Kartilium is effective in acute and chronic diseases of the joints: arthritis and osteoarthritis based on synovial cartilage damage with secondary changes of the articular surfaces. These diseases are the most common among all the pathologies of the locomotor system and a major cause of disability.

Beta-Immun –  is an innovative product


Beta-Immun – is an innovative product developed by our scientists in collaboration with Austrian experts have shown high efficiency. This original product, unlike existing in Europe preparations of beta-glucan, has a new improved composition of immunotrophic substance that causes a powerful impact on all parts of the immune system.



The product with a unique composition of three venotropic substances produces a powerful therapeutic effect in vein diseases and prevents severe complications.



“Venoda-gel” is recommended for external use in vein varicose, acute and chronic thrombophlebitis, post-thrombophlebitic syndrome and to prevent and reduce swelling, pain, spasmus and feeling of heaviness in the lower limbs.



Tribustim is recommended for the prevention and reduction of involution and pathological sexual dysfunction in men, maintaining optimal levels of testosterone, spermatogenesis promotion, libido enhancement, as well as significant physical and sport activities to improve stamina, increase muscle mass and accelerate the recovery of the body.